So right now you’re probably wondering where the comic is. Well, it’s coming. The story is more or less mapped out. The only thing left to do is to draw the pages. Now there are probably some questions about what Mailbox Rocketship is and why it’s launching (no pun intended).

Hey! Did you do this comic before?!
Yes. Yes I did. It was hosted on a lot of sites and was starting to get readers after 3 issues and then I stopped doing it.

Why did you stop doing it?
Well, honestly it didn’t feel right if that makes any sense. It was also starting to effect my other comic, The Errant Apprentice, adversely. I felt that if I was going to do Mailbox, I wanted to do it right.

These characters look familiar, and I don’t mean from last time you did this series.
They should! This series takes the characters from my first series, Kota’s World, and recasts them as high school students.

Why are you redoing a series?

Ok, seriously I wanted a chance to do something new with characters that I love. These guys let me do comedy, drama, and just weirdness whenever I want and I don’t have to strictly follow a script. Also, they deserve another shot. Kota’s World wasn’t the best of series. It had some fun moments and dialogue, but trying to have it based on the web in the early 2000’s wasn’t helping it much. Now they’re in a better setting and with a me that’s much better at this comic thing than he was.

When is it launching?
Some time in May. It WAS going to launch in January but we had a family emergency that I’m still trying to cope with.

How often will it update?
Once a week for now. When I’m done with EA? Who knows. Might go up to three times a week. For now though, once a week.

Is there a way I can help?
Yes! You can donate to my Patreon account and get bonus EA stuff (and Mailbox after it launches) and you can buy merchandise when it becomes available!

So that’s about it for now. I’ll update a bit more at launch so everyone stay safe and I’ll see you in May!