Would you like original artwork? Great news! I’m doing commissions!

Please contact me at my email or hit me up on my Twitter. I accept payment via PayPal.


  1. I reserve the right to refuse commissions for personal reasons.
  2. Please be as specific as possible with what you want. The more info I have to work with, the happier you’ll be!
  3. I allow one set of corrections per piece. To help prevent problems, see rule two.
  4. I won’t do an exact recreation of someone else’s work. That’s theft.
  5. Each price below is single character. For each additional character add $10.


Social Media

Icons – Great for social media! Full color – $10

Youtube Package – Includes user icon, banner/header, end screen, and one transparency for custom thumbnails – $60

Logo Design – Great for social media, youtube, or businesses – $10/hour

Digital Commissions

Line art – $15

Flat colors with no shading$25

Colored with shading and rendered background $50

Physical Commissions

8.5×11 – $15
11×17 – $30

8.5×11 – $20
11×17 – $40

8.5×11 – $30
11x 17 – $60