Merry belated Christmas and Happy early New Year!

The holidays are always a tough time to get anything done, but this year it’s been particularly tough. Starting off,  I’ve been working open to close at the gallery for weeks now so my time is much shorter than normal. Not going to turn down the paycheck though! We’re hoping my boss will be back this week but no promises since her parents are sick.

Second, well, holiday/seasonal depression has been beating me like a circus monkey. I’m getting over it better than I was, but it’s still a fight. I just have better weapons now. Because of that I’ve had a lack of motivation on top of my stress.

Third, and most importantly, we just moved my beloved here after eight years! She’s settling it, unpacking, and getting her cat used to her new home. I’ve been helping move her since Christmas eve so that’s what’s been up the last few days.

Given all that I hope you’ll forgive me for the sporadic updates. Like I said, I’ll be back in January!