The Land of Stuff


Quincy Lewis is the last of “The Forerunners” who are a mythical group of people who originally founded the internet. He is one of the warrior caste and has the ability to create weapons from nothing. His glasses augment his powers. Lewis’ goal is to conquer the net and give everyone complete freedom, as long as they bow to him. While this may not sound bad, he tends to go about it as a super villain and gets opposed constantly. He and Keith have a friend/enemy sort of relationship and will often watch Red Dwarf on PBS on Saturdays.


As powerful as an atomic bomb and as intelligent as the men who built it. Bear is Lewis’ right hand man. He really isn’t into the whole super villainy thing, but he’s game for some fun and fighting is his kind of fun. He has a really good relationship with most of DBI.


Asrian is the pupil of the Quiet Master. He is completely invulnerable while asleep. This is a good thing since he is one of the most annoying humans in the world and people constantly want to cause him harm. Seriously, I think everyone’s tried to kill him at least once. Even Bear and Lewis.


Fang is a tiny little man who keeps a mueseum and stock pile of artifacts under the Land of Stuff and answers only to Lewis.


Frank is a Forerunner that lost his body and ended up, in a round about way, inside Lewis’ head. While they were advisarial at first, Frank became a helpful advisor to Lewis.

Yippi/Globeworlds and Forerunners


One of the stupidest names in the world, but still someone to look out for. Yippimuck is Lewis without the ideals of freedom. Everyone has to serve him and personal freedoms be damned. He started out as a corporate figure but declared himself emperor. He was also a Builder, one of the leading caste of Lewis’ people. He could take on a shadow form and exist without his body.


Dennis Grimm’s entire life is a shoulda, woulda, coulda. He should have been the Disasterboy, but he was such an arrogant prick that the O’tan threw him out. He met up with Yippimuck and became his right hand man. While he did all of the typical super villain deeds like oppressing the masses and fighting his arch-enemy, he was also a rapist. His reputation won him no friends.


Destiny was a scholar and researcher and one of Lewis’ people. She was adopted into Elsa’s family and she developed a relationship with her “sister” that was far too close. She was assigned to watch and manipulate Kota by entering a relationship with him. Her feelings were genuine, but when he found out her purpose the damage was done.


Elsa used everyone around her. Family, friends, didn’t matter. She manipulated Yippimuck and Grimm to try and place herself as the absolute ruler of the web. Destiny’s adopted sister.


The Almighty Bythron
Bythron was a Forerunner who lost his body and became an ineffectual spirit bent on getting revenge on his killer, Kota. His schemes never worked. Ever.



Springheeled Jack
Jack was a mythical figure from Victorian England who was accidentally brought to the present day web by Mike. He and Kota had recurring encounters all the way up to the end.

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