Disasterboy, Inc.


The one thing Keith wants most in life is to be left to his own devices and spend time with his friends. Unfortunately fate chose him to answer the call of prophecy. He is Keith of the Apocalypse O’tan and he is the Disasterboy. All he touches he destroys. Keith founded Disasterboy Inc. partially to help the net and partially as an excuse to be close to his friends. Keith has a bad track record with the opposite sex and even worse luck with technology.


Mike doesn’t really know a lot about his past, but that’s ok with him. His present is more interesting than anything his past could offer. Mike is a genius when it comes to technology and he revels in it. He doesn’t really believe in magic and powers and angels and demons, which is odd since he’s dating an etherial being. Mike is Kota’s right hand man and probably the most level headed member of DBI.


Musician, software expert, community. Donovan has had a troubled past, but has come out of it a stronger person. He also came out of it made of billions of microscopic robots and is now the “community” known as Encrypt. He can change shape and separate himself into multiple copies of himself. He’s also a smart-ass.


Yip is the equivalent of a browser plug in, but with a will of his own. Yip has gradually become an important member of DBI and often acts as the common sense of several people who don’t seem to have any. He has multiple modes and accessories including a stolen robot body and energy hands.


Originally a demon and eventually and angel, Iowa is a trained lawyer and mostly started working at DBI to be with Mike. The two have a strong relationship based mostly on her teasing him and him suffering through it. She can shift into the form of an imp like demon and has magical abilities.


Brad is usually serious business all the time. He’s worked for Lewis, the military, and DBI. Unlike the rest of the crew, Brad didn’t make a lot of lasting friendships any where he went. The lonerest of loners.


Cassi is a hacker from New Orleans and lived in DBI’s overly extensive vent system for years. She was a pack rat would pick up odds and ends left lying around. She developed a crush on Kota during this time and eventually joined them. She and Keith became “an item”.


Remi actually interviewed for DBI and was the coordinator for the group. She is smart, pretty, and fairly serious. She sometimes wonders why she hangs around all of these nut-jobs and then she remembers Encrypt.


Master Geebo
Geebo is a former O’tan and a current “deity”. He lives in a sort of stylized version of “The Outback” with his family and is worshiped by the flora and fauna of his domain, all of which is referred to as “dingos”. He carries around magic gum to give him different powers as long as the flavor lasts. He’s a really laid back guy.


Josh is Geebo’s son. He was almost an O’tan. He loves his family and his “uncle” Kota and is a pretty cool kid.


Scott comes into DBI to see his friends and sometimes help out as technical support. He loves playing video games via emulator and he adores the movie “Dune” by David Lynch. He’s also learned better than to let Kota and Co. borrow his boat.


Max is a friend of Encrypt and Kota and was an O’tan for a time. He very seldom used his abilities though. He mostly did technical support with Encrypt and Scott and occasionally worked with Voyager. Mostly just wants to hang out and jam.


Wanda is a web based anomaly that took on human form. She was attached to Brad for a long time and spent her early freedom tormenting Kota. She now works with DBI as a receptionist.


The Usenet Experince


Eric Philips was a member of DBI and a former experiment of Yippi. He was modified into a human/simian hybrid and ended up released on his own. He is now a gun for hire, a thief, a scoundrel, and a god damned hero. He hates the last part. In fact, he really would rather forget the hero part and go find a bar to sit in and not have to be responsible. He’s a life long friend of Kota and Mike and is currently out on his own.


Dandy was modified some time in the past to interface with computers and store data. She spent a lot of her time not knowing this. Now she bums around the web with her boyfriend Munki and tries to keep him on the straight and narrow. She’s really too good for him.


Trevor was a house bot until a kid opened up his skull and monkeyed with his brain, you crazy baboon!! Sorry. Seriously though, Trevor’s good people. He ain’t drivin’.


Grok is a troll on the internet that changed his ways when he met Munki. He joined DBI for a while but left and started his own delivery service. He was doing well and then he met Munki again. He always gets people into trouble. Grok talks like a cave man and thinks like a philosopher.


Simon Obvious is a former scientist who turned sniper and mercenary. His career started when he began doing genetic experiments for Yippi. His first two “children” were Munki and Gibbon. As payment, Yippi took his DNA and made an army of him, but dumbed down to incredible levels of stupidity. He travels around now with his sons and tries to keep them out of trouble.


Floyd is Munki’s brother from Project Simian and is constantly living in his brother’s shadow. He’s short, has a temper, and is still learning just who he is. He tends to see the worst in people.


The Quiet Master
He is the original master of sleep fighting and is completely invulnerable while asleep. Mention of his dad will wake him up normally. His origins are unknown but he did have one pupil. Asrian.



Steve Davis ran a popular site in the Globeworlds until Yippi took them over, shut him down, tried to kill him, and sent him on the run. He found some like minded individuals and began a career as a pirate. He is also the last original member of the O’tan and trained Kota. Steve had a strong sense of honor. And vengeance.


Chalk was a reflexion of Kota created by Wanda. Originally he was a hate filled skeleton before merging with Kota again. They became separated again. This time though, Chalk was a pale version of him with all of his self doubt, but also his capacity to care for others.

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